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Minor preparations before trip abroad

A few minor preparations can meet travelers two to four weeks before the trip abroad, so that in the end everything stays stress-free. Shortly before the trip, when it comes down to suitcase packing, some things quickly fall into oblivion. So that does not happen, travelers should just before the foreign leave in time to prepare, then everything works smoothly and, above all, stress-free.

Things that can be done two to four weeks before vacation

• Organize the first-aid kit, get fresh medicines
• Prepare toilet bag, get care products in travel size
• Get foreign currency if necessary
• Inform familiar people about the planned trip, deposit the keys and leave the holiday address

• Organize holiday mailbox or ask someone who regularly picks up the mail from the mailbox
• Unsubscribe newspaper
• Organize gardening
• Organize houseplant care
• Regulate pet supply
• Check the wardrobe for completeness
• Check travel equipment for functionality and completeness

This can be done by travelers just before the trip

One to two days before departure, when the travel fever really starts to rise, foreign travelers can make some final preparations.

•Copy all travel documents and take them separately from the originals. You may also take pictures that the traveler can save on their smartphone.
•Scans the documents, the holidaymaker can also save in his e-mail inbox. So he has access to it worldwide.

•Note important addresses and telephone numbers and save them in your smartphone.
•Pay open bills that are due during your vacation.
•Prepare the answering machine, for security reasons do not leave an absence message, but set up the remote inquiry.
•Put the car well, do not let it stop you. The same applies to two-car or other vehicles, if no garage is available. Possibly tourists can put their vehicle or their vehicles with friends for the time of the trip.
•Remove perishable food from the fridge, either eat it or give it to the neighbor.

Who travels abroad by car – Checklist for the road trip

Have inspection carried out
Are warning triangle, safety vest, first aid kit in the car? Is everything complete?
If necessary, take the handsfree kit with you
Take navigation system and accessories with you

Pack reserve key
Take ice scraper in winter
Research regulations in the country of destination for winter tires, snow chains, etc. and upgrade the car if necessary
Bring drinks for the ride

For road trips:

Plug in driver’s license, international driver’s license and registration

Put road maps in the car

Insert important documents at hand

Pack booking documents, such as the hotel reservation or flight confirmation, and plug in the train and train tickets

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Foreign travel checklist

Some love packing the suitcase early enough, the others push it out to the last minute. With the travel checklist packing your bags and preparing for your vacation even pack muffles is easy. The checklist ranges from pre-trip arrangements, special instructions for traveling with small children or holidays with the camper or 24hr car rental. Also follow our posts, because in the next one you will get more tips on minor preparations before trip abroad!

The travel insurance check for holidays abroad – what is necessary, what makes sense?

Of course, a lot can happen on vacation, from an allergy to nasty insect bites to serious illnesses or accidents. In order to secure themselves financially, many travelers conclude additional travel insurance for holidays abroad . For example, the foreign health insurance. This secures vacationers, if the health insurance in travel country has no validity. Travel baggage insurance often makes sense, especially if vacationers can not supervise their luggage the whole time, like on a plane trip. With a baggage insurance, travelers secure against financial damages from stolen or lost luggage.

Many questions arise during travel preparation in this context:

•Does the travel country have health insurance coverage?
•What happens in the event of a serious accident? Who pays and organizes the early journey home?
•Is there a current green insurance card for the road trip abroad?
•Is a European accident report in the car also for the road trip abroad?
•Are the plaques for Switzerland and Austria up-to-date if the car drives through these countries?
•Is the conclusion of a short-term travel comprehensive insurance for the road trip worth it?

Useful tips for preparing documents and documents for holidays abroad

The passports of all family members should be checked before traveling abroad. The validity must be long enough, there are usually provisions of the travel country. Also vaccinations are important. For many countries there are vaccination recommendations. This is intended to protect travelers who want to visit these countries from serious illnesses, such as the malaria vaccine for the tropics or the hepatitis vaccine for various African countries.
• Check passports for visa requirements (entry requirements) of the destination
• Check vaccinations and possibly refresh
• Doctor and dentist visit
• Carry out an inspection for the road trip
• Traveling  with animals: Get information about the regulations in the country of destination and vaccinations up to date

A good preparation is already half the recreational value of the entire holiday. Not only do travelers take a lot of stress in advance, also for the holiday itself. Holidaymakers who arrive relaxed at their destination, have effectively more of their holiday.